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The traditional nine-to-five office is evolving. Organisations, governments and NGO’s across the globe are being challenged to find or create new ways of working. And this often means better work-life integration and flexibility for their citizens and employees. This is

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My undergraduate minor was in Sociology.  My undergraduate major was in Computer Science.  Back then it felt like two completely separate worlds that would never come together.  Now, they are two sides of the same coin, and are intertwined in

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Hello, with today’s press release, it’s public that I joined Unify’s product house as the CTO and head of technology strategy. And, before I get more questions on Twitter and LinkeIn than I can handle, I thought I’ll drop my

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I broke my New Year’s Resolution – to blog every day, missed Friday.  I am sure that we will all survive.  But, let me explain why.  Last week I was able to participate in the launch of Dev.Lab.Athens #DevLabAthens.  This

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Time and Space and the impact on vacations… I am reading this book (“Pressed for Time: The Acceleration of Life in Digital Capitalism” by Judy Wajcman) that analyzes in depth the sociological implications of technology on time and our lives.

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Oil is now roughly at $50/barrel.  Incredible.  I am wondering what Clayton Christensen and Michael Porter think?  I am not an energy industry expert, but it would seem to me that OPEC and other market competitors such as Venezuela and

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