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Letters from the Home Office Volume 9 I recently read an article by Ben Parr in Mashable where he cites a survey by Unisys and IDC on mobility. The survey reports that 87% of companies claim to provide their employees

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Oil is now roughly at $50/barrel.  Incredible.  I am wondering what Clayton Christensen and Michael Porter think?  I am not an energy industry expert, but it would seem to me that OPEC and other market competitors such as Venezuela and

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“Going to work” to many of us means taking a car, or a train, or a subway, or a bus, to commute daily to the office. But as we find new ways to work, we begin doing the traditional commute

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A recent Unify blog mentioned the New Way to Work (NW2W) has come of age, as more and more enterprise communications and social collaboration vendors come forward with new solutions and services to enable the NW2W. But, we have also

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